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Telling Stories with Textiles - Terri's Vests
Terry's vests.jpg

A loved one passes and all that is left are the material things they once owned. 

Ever since I met Terri, she wore brightly-patterned vests and had sets of vests for every season. The vests were her signature clothing item and were numerous. 

The vests ended up sitting in our garage for over seven years. The sheer volume and numerous patterns of the vests were daunting as I started thinking about a quilt pattern to sew.


In the end I decided to create a block quilt with the seasons of the year in twelve outer blocks and personalized blocks for the center (see Selway quilts below). When I started creating the quilts, I realized that I loved it.

The quilt, Terri’s Vests, is a block quilt made from all the remaining squares from the Selway quilts including an embroidered denim vest border.


The connection with something personal that would have been discarded being reimagined into something new is recycling at its best - creative recycling that tells a story.  

Selway Boys Quilts.jpg

Selway quilts

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