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I paint with cloth
The visual arts come in in all forms. One aspect of my art is to use recycled materials. I repurpose, old clothes, colorful castoffs, fabric samples, to sew personal and unique pictures.

Shown is a wearable appliqué in progress.
JEFS sewing workshop.jpg
JEFS sewing workshop.jpg
JEFS applique process.jpg
I wanna steer.jpg
Finding art in memories
A Spooner Reyner shirt used to create "I wanna steer" echos a happier time. The shirt was a memento from a loved one who had passed.

Shown is the reimagined shirt as a 16" x 18" fabric collage of a cherished childhood memory.
The beauty of a quilt
What do you do with the remnant squares from 100 or so printed vests? Sew the scraps together to make a tapestry wall hanging.

Shown is JEFS quilt.
Quilt hanging.jpg
Terry's vests2.jpg
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